Challenges of AI and data in research : The Alan Turing Institute

Growing the national institute for data science and artificial intelligence

The Alan Turing Institute

Published, 22 May 2018

The Alan Turing Institute publishes report outlining eight research challenges where data science and artificial intelligence could potentially have a disruptive effects. These are primarily within the areas of science society and the economy.

Aid data use at country level : Department for International Development

Aid data use at country level: An example from Nepal

Department for International Development

Published, 11 April 2018

The Nepalese government has made great efforts to create the Aid Management Platform which provides aid and humanitarian information in an easily accessible way.

This report from the Department for International Development and the Global Humanitarian Assistance programme explores how information needs are currently assessed, how data sharing and user support could be better structured and what drives the aid information needs of government, donors and civil society organisations.