Quantum Technologies : The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

Quantum Technologies: Public Dialogue Repor

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)

Published, 31 May 2018

This report from EPSRC aims to understand the public's views and values on quantum technologies.

Seven recommendations were made as a result of this research, such as encouraging debates on how quantum technologies can impact various sectors, e.g. the environment and automation.


Consumer attitudes to data collection and use : Which?

Control, Alt or Delete? Consumer research on attitudes to data collection and use. 


Published, 5 June 2018

Which? have conducted research to explore what the public know about the collection of consumer data, how they feel about this, how it affects their behaviour and how these differ across different consumers. The findings of this will provide information to policymakers on how the public may react to new policy proposals.


Open Banking Data Sharing Dilemmas : Ipsos MORI

Open Banking Data Sharing Dilemmas

Ipsos MORI

Published, 18 April 2018

Barclays has commissioned Ipsos MORI to research consumers attitudes, emotions and behaviour towards Open Banking by conducting a workshop with participants who used online or mobile banking.

During this workshop, Ipsos MORI explored how individual personality and trust in technology can affect the decision to start using Open Banking.

Tackling online disinformation : European Commission

Tackling online disinformation: Commission proposes an EU-wide Code of Practice

European Commission

Published, 26 April 2018

This European Commission press release proposes measures to tackle fake news and disinformation online in light of the recent Facebook/Cambridge Analytica revelations.

This press release details measures such as the formation an independent network of fact-checkers, an online platform on disinformation, support for online identification systems, a Coordinated Strategic Communication Policy and more.